I’ve been staring at my fingers on this keyboard for what seems like hours, attempting to get them to move across the keys by sheer will. But they won’t budge. All the sentences I wanted to write have already been written and deleted in my head. I’m a failure before I even start. It’s no good, I’ll say to myself. What are you even doing sitting at your desk? Just go chill on the couch and look at YouTube on your phone. Then I shake my head, attempting to give the voice inside a concussion of its own, and just start typing. I get a sentence in, and then the right hand instinctively moves towards the mouse, ready to highlight and purge.

Not this time, though. I’ve completed an entire paragraph, and I’ve made it to the second sentence of the second. Facebook messages are beckoning me back to the couch, but my ass WILL sit firmly to the chair. I am determined. I will write this out. But what is it exactly that I’m writing? Is it good enough? Here we go again. Maybe I should just chill on the couch and figure this out.

The struggle is real, guys and gals. The bed might really be a futon in disguise, the wonderland is might really be more winter, and the smudges on my glasses might actually be scratches that I really can’t get off, even though I think I do. That only will make the movie of my life that much better.

I love where I’m at. I love the opportunity. I love the potential. I’d love it even more if those things didn’t seem to far away.

Stick around, guys. We got this.


This is how it begins…


I find myself at the first major milestone in this road to…? Something, that’s for sure. I found myself struck by a compliment today. I was told today that one of my photographs reminded this person of the work of Ansel Adams.


This one.


I was humbled and honored, honestly. I mean:


That is a picture. It’s not the highest of resolutions, but you’re getting where I’m coming from. I think there might be something to this. Stick around for more.

Hello, World!

Seriously though, how many times has that reference been given?

If you’re reading this during the first year of this thing, I want to forever thank you for being with me on what I feel is going to be an astounding, incredible adventure.

My name is Roy Mercon, and I occasionally take pictures and write shit. I’ve been online for quite a while, with my main bragging right being my RoosterTeeth profile, which was started about 12 years ago. I’ve seen things come and go in a variety of different ways, but what has remained after all this time is how full of ourselves we are, and how self-promotion is the most loyal. I’m betting on consistency here. Hello, world! to my home on the Internet. I’ve been moving around a lot over the years, but I think I’ve finally found a place that suits be just fine.

This place will be the center for all things FoobaDoop. What is FoobaDoop? Stick around to find out. WE got this, don’t worry🙂

This is the initial push, hoping to get people to stick around before the real thing begins. So, if you’re reading this soon after I’ve done writing it, and aren’t someone checking out the past, I love you. Thanks for believing in me this far.